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AAX/AU/VST2/VST3 PLUGIN for Windows and MacOS

Current Version : 2.2.0

EAReverb 2


"Expanded algorithms, a slicker interface, and the nifty Screen Modules and Pos Mode make EAReverb 2 one of the best algorithmic 'verbs on the market."
- Computer Music Magazine (issue 228)

"Der Klang ist wirklich klasse, ausgesprochen natürlich, dicht und bei Bedarf sehr warm, wie auch schon beim Vorgänger, doch den neuen Algorithmen ebenso wie den weitreichenden Einstellmöglichkeiten sei Dank, gelingen auch höchst surreale Raumgebilde mit Leichtigkeit.
Das EAReverb ist seit langem schon der von mir favorisierte Raumeffekt, mit der neuen Version EAReverb 2 hat die Firma EAReckon das Gute nochmals besser gemacht."

"Avec cette version 2, eaReckon rend son plug-in de réverbération encore plus attractif qu’il ne l’était déjà.
EAReverb conserve bien entendu toutes les qualités sonores de la première mouture et apporte en sus de nouveaux algorithmes qui rendent l’ensemble beaucoup plus polyvalent.
L’exhaustivité de la vue PRO satisfera les utilisateurs les plus exigeants tandis que la page SE ravira ceux qui souhaitent travailler rapidement sans pour autant sacrifier la qualité du rendu.
Quant à la vue POS, même si elle est encore perfectible, le degré de facilité dans le placement spatial qu’elle apporte est un plus non négligeable.".

"EAReverb 2 is a great mid-range reverb plugin that encompasses a range of reverb styles.
From long, evolving, spacey effects to clean, silky vocal reverbs, this plugin covers all bases."
- Producer Sphere

Thanks to Igor Korzhov from NC-Rec Studio (Ukraine) for this demo track!
Please feel free to discover more from Igor on Halrum's BandCamp page.

"This track features about 25 instances of EAReverb 2.
All original sounds were unprocessed. EAReverb 2 has been used to add space and atmosphere to the intro part and I used its positioning capabilities to move sounds around the virtual stage.
I used the plug-in on separate drums to add 'reverse' effects, fill gaps in some patterns (02.50) and make the snare drum ‘gated’ (01.04). EAReverb 2 has then been used on the whole drum group to add a nice and cozy room feeling (00.21). It also helped to give stereo width to mono sounding drums (03.17).
The reverb also does a great job on keyboards by pushing the synth (01.25) and the piano (02.50) to the back of the mix. This provides more room for drums and vocals (to be added).
Finally, all guitars are processed with a large reverb sound and automated positioning."

Many Thanks to James Spilling for the following track featuring EAReverb 2!
Please feel free to discover more from James at

Many thanks to Cory Pelizzari who published a video featuring EAReverb 2 in an orchestral context with many examples !
You can discover more from Cory (reviews, videos, music, ...) at
EAReverb 2 - Sound Examples Video


EAReverb 2 is a 100% algorithmic reverb plug-in (32/64-bit VST2, VST3, AU, AAX).
It features the “Natural” core engine of the original EAReverb but also brings a plethora of new algorithms and functionalities accessible from a totally revised user interface.
Compared to the former EAReverb which focuses on simulating natural environments, EAReverb 2 can then be considered as a more holistic answer to your reverb needs.


Natural (XXS>XTREM):
Formerly conceived for the original EAReverb, this algorithm provides smooth and natural results by avoiding metallic artefacts and by offering an adjustable level of subtle randomness in the late reverb.

Compared to “Natural”, using Bright is like adding carbon dioxide to source water.
Just consider high frequencies as bubbles and you will get the idea of what can be obtained from this algorithm.

Alu Box:
This one provides a tamed and metallic sounding reverb as what you might expect from a spacecraft or an empty metal tank.

Auditorium is the most extended version of the original EAReverb core algorithm. It offers a wide range of possibilities from natural to artificial results. It features “bright” and (perceived) “distance” parameters.

A mono to stereo algorithm featuring bright and modulated characteristics of some classic high quality reverb units.

A synchronisable reverse algorithm that provides the “whoosh” effect some are in quest of.


PRO Mode: gives access to all parameters and modules.

EAReverb 2 PRO Mode

SE Mode: a limited but easy and fast alternative interface to the PRO mode.

EAReverb 2 SE Mode

POS Mode: provides specific tools that will help you to dynamically set the location of incoming sounds in the space simulated by EAReverb 2.

EAReverb 2 POS (Generic)

EAReverb 2 POS (Orchestra) EAReverb 2 POS (Head)



EAReverb 2 ER Editor


Pre Mode
EAReverb 2 MB Pre

Post Mode
EAReverb 2 MB Post


EAReverb 2 Gate (Level)

EAReverb 2 Gate (Transients)


EAReverb 2 Presets

Features, specifications and interfaces are subject to change without notice.

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