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EAReverb SE

AU / VST PLUGIN for Windows and MacOS (32-64b)

Current Version : 1.0.0

EAReverb SE


EAReverb SE Trailer - Soundtrack (featuring 12 instances of EAReverb SE)
"Trailer Voice" (Charles Kahlenberg) and "Tutti" samples provided by Sonokinetic


EAReverb SE is a 32/64bit VST plugin for Windows and a 32/64bit VST/AU plugin for Mac OS X.
EAReverb SE is a true stereo reverb unit.
EAReverb SE is 100% algorithmic.

It does not use any IR files. Early reflections are built "on-the-fly".
However, switching from a preset to another will immediately put your music or sounds in a place that sounds as expected.

EAReverb SE provides a natural sounding, earthy reverb effect.

It is able to simulate the subtle reflections of a very small room as well as very large spaces.
It is suitable for music and sound design.
EAReverb SE has been designed and "fine tuned by ear" to sound the most possible natural.

What is the difference between EAReverb and EAReverb SE?

EAReverb SE features the same algorithms as EAReverb but provides far less controls and misses the “bounce” capability and the pre-delay host sync option of its big sister.
It is aimed at musicians who just want to apply a great sounding reverb the easy way, without having to deal with a lot of parameters.
That said, even advanced users (and EAReverb users who can get a free license of the SE version) may enjoy the ease-of-use of this “Starter Edition” in some situations.
EAReverb SE is also a very affordable way to start with an intuitive high-quality reverb.
And should you wonder whether you need the strengths and flexibility of EAReverb (original) or not, the fair upgrade path should make your initial choice as easy as the “Quick MBS” knob.


“Earthy and 100% Algorithmic” reverb
[EAReverb and EAReverb SE share
the same quality and sonic characteristics]
Customizable early reflections X
Late Reverb “Bounce” modulation option X
Pre-delay sync to host tempo X
Frequency Analyzer X
MBS (Multi-band Stereo) Quick MBS Full
Filtering options

1 parameter:


4 parameters:

“Lo Cut” (ER)
“Absorb” (ER)
“Dampen Lo” (LR)
“Dampen Hi” (LR)

Early Reflections / Late Reverb mix and
interaction options
“ER/LR Mix” “Level” (ER)
“Level” (LR)
“Leak > LR” (ER)
Size Selection Via Presets Independent
Planned add-ons “Gate” module
“Limiter / Zero
latency” switch
“Boost” option
(to be added in
version 1.3.0)
Ease-of-use ***** ***
Tweakability ** *****


You can upgrade from EAReverb SE to EAReverb by purchasing an "upgrade code".
The cost of the upgrade + the cost of EAReverb SE is the same as what you would pay for EAReverb. This way, you don't have to wonder if you need the flexibility and power of EAReverb or the simplicity of use of EAReverb SE.
Once the upgrade processed, you will have access to both EAReverb SE and EAReverb.
In order to be fair with everyone, registered users of EAReverb will get a free license of EAReverb SE.


Special sales, introductory prices and promotions in general are events we usually like to watch.
However, it can be confusing to see the price of things changing every two weeks and this is why special sales are extremely rare at eaReckon.
Let's try to go further with EAReverb SE... The price is low but there is absolutly no plan to change it in the future.
If you are interested by EAReverb SE, let's hope you will not spend too much time watching for a "deal" instead of making music then ;-)

Features, specifications and interfaces are subject to change without notice.

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