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EAREVERB has been superseded by EAREVERB 2
AU / VST PLUGIN for Windows and MacOS (32-64b)

Current Version : 1.3.0 (Version History)



Sound On Sound (July 2011)

"The more I used this reverb, the more I came to appreciate its strengths." - Paul White (SOS)

Computer Music Magazine (issue #164)

"EAReverb does live up to its promise of delivering incredibly natural spaces." (read the review at

"I have used EAReverb with vocals, drums, guitars and wind instruments. I surprisingly reproduced real and natural sounding rooms. The early reflections can be set with great details so EAReverb can be used as a very special room simulator. Now we can completely forget reverbs made of impulse responses and precisely position individual instruments in a virtual space.
EAReverb does a good job and generates a dense and warm reverb, and even if it should satisfy experienced users, some very good and useful presets are included for direct use." (review)

“This reverb can produce nice rooms and depths which could be useful for placing orchestra instruments (played with samples) on a virtual stage...” (review)

Sounds and Gear

“I give this reverb 4 out of 5 subs, really smooth and natural sound with a clean, usable interface.” (review + video)


"Sending you some words of Happiness. Got into EAReverb and I'm severely digging it in a BIG WAY !!
I needed a verb that could emulate natural room ambience and it does it in spades, you answered my dream verb wish, hard to find natural rooms that don't sound like acid rain when you send a signal into it.
Creates a nice couch for the band to sit in, which is my goal with spaces, to enhance dimension and imaging, and the ability to not detach from the source.
Nice work. I'll play with it to create other types of spaces but it's golden for just that.
I'm presently using it to mix the new Cirque du Soleil DVD." Rob Heaney - engineer/producer (Cirque du Soleil)

"How could the small companies like EAReckon possibly exist in such a dog eat dog climate without the relentless R&D spending and fast turnover of the others?
Maybe the answer lies in their lovingly crafted code... Of late, Eurotrash Collective has been taking full advantage of such code, beginning by going a little crazy with EAReverb. We recently discovered the 'Workshop' tab along the bottom of the plugin which gives 'unfettered' access to a parallel universe of complimentary processing that anyone who knows anything about 1980 something will appreciate. Gated Snares and Toms anyone?! We love the fine overspray of dense, high-quality verb on a wet snare - perfect for those epic EDM drops. The MBS or Multiband Stereo control is simply genius, allowing you to control the volumes of three different bands of verb and adjust their spatial fields." Baby Brown & Steve Walker - Eurotrash Collective

"I must tell you, this baby is the only one reverb you would need. It sounds super natural, and the presets are really great. Not too complicated to use, although there are several controls." (W.N. - USA)

"I like the silky sound of EAReverb. Doesn't have this metallic grain on long tails I dislike so much on many reverbs." (M.P. - France)

“It's really a very natural sounding reverb (never heard of it before). It sounds great on my acoustic guitar where I always preferred convo over algo before. When I first saw the screenshot I thought that it's just another difficult-to-setup thing, but it's surprisingly quite easy.” (KVR member)

“I'm pretty impressed by Eareverb so far. My go-to is usually an hybrid convolution/algorithmic reverb, since I mostly deal with acoustic recordings or with VI:s that are supposed to sound like they're in a physical room - I don't use verb much as an effect as such.
I was surprised and pleased by the natural, 'physical location' sound of Eareverb. As someone pointed out, it sounds more like a convolution verb than an algorithmic one. Especially the small spaces, with just the early reflections or a small amount of reverb tail, were really ear openers - even synthy sounds got a physically localized presence that's most appealing to my ears.
And I have only opened and gazed in amazement at the 'hidden' workspace controls which allow you to make detailed tweaks to the six first early reflections. Something for the golden-eared fiddler to play with ad infinitum…
Finally, the manual is clear and nicely written (always a promising sign that a dev has made the effort to design a good handbook)” (KVR member)

“I must say this looks as good as it sounds and all the controls are cleverly laid out.” (KVR member)

EAReverb Trailer 1/3 "Earthy" - DRY
Raw sound effects by


EAReverb Trailer 1/3 "Earthy" - PROCESSED
Raw sound effects by


Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni - "Sonata in F" (produced by Beat Kaufmann)
Many thanks to Beat Kaufmann who produced this short classical sequence (music written by Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni - 1671->1751).
While a small global reverb processes the master bus, 3 instances of EAReverb are used to place the solo trumpet to 3 different locations.
This sequence has been thought to demo Beat's statement: "EAReverb can produce nice depths without a lot of reverb".


EAReverb Demo by Beat Kaufmann

For more information about orchestra music made with samples, please visit
You will find tutorials and presets for your orchestral needs.


EAReverb is a 32/64bit VST plugin for Windows and a 32/64bit VST/AU plugin for Mac OS X.
EAReverb is a true stereo reverb unit.
EAReverb is 100% algorithmic.
It does not use any IR files. Early reflections are built "on-the-fly" depending on your own settings.
The size parameter has an impact on early reflections and late reverb... Switching from a size to another will immediately put your music or sounds in a place that matches your choice.
Then you can tweak early reflections using 5 easy parameters + 15 advanced but still comprehensive settings.
Finally, you can set the late reverb so it matches your needs. BNC and Warp settings will add the extra randomness your late reverb deserves.
For even more realism, you can inject some of the early reflections into the late reverb.
EAReverb lets you build your own environment.

Most of all, EAReverb provides a natural sounding, earthy reverb effect.
It is able to simulate the subtle reflections of a very small room as well as very large spaces.
It is suitable for music and sound design.
EAReverb has been designed and "fine tuned by ear" to sound the most possible natural.
Though, the plethora of parameters should be enough to place your music in some twisted environment if you really want it!

Features, specifications and interfaces are subject to change without notice.

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